Monday, April 13, 2009

What, me worry?

I gotta say, I’ve been diggin’ this non-working’ thing. Two of my best friends are more or less ‘retired’ and I always wondered what the hell they did to fill their damn days. In fact, one of them called me a couple of days ago and said ”what are you doing all day?” and I said “Hello pot, this is kettle, you’re black” which made him laugh.

Oh, the time you have to garden, to clean (and you want to!), to research blogs and websites, to cook, to read magazines and the paper leisurely in the back yard with a big sun hat on while watching the dogs and cats play and lay in the sun… good times.

HOWEVER, it’s been two weeks since I’ve been laid off, and now as I await an answer for a job I pitched four days ago to a great company, the novelty is wearing thin. I've enjoyed the luxury of being able to catch up on several industry publications, sites, and blogs. Though I feel re-energized, if I don’t start working again soon, that time of day which I consider late enough to have a tipple might just start creeping closer to noon than I would care to admit. It’s already been ratcheted back from 5 to 3. Every day is like your day off and that can be not so good.

Having downed two chicken, mushroom and cheese lean pockets and a glass of rose to accompany each, I now contemplate a cup of tea to perk me back up to complete the chore (note, singular) I guess I should do. Hell, in the last four days I’ve done my taxes, read a book in waiting, got the car smogged and washed, bathed the dogs, clipped coupons, did all the laundry, ironing, dishes, and gardening possible, and all that’s left is THE TABLE, and if I clear that off, what will I have left???

I’m now officially in love with Eric Asimov’s blog The Pour (the NY Times wine blog) as well as Dr. Vino’s wine blog, and have been fortunate to have enough time to read current posts from Blogger Queen, Petunia Face, The Circus Has Come to Town, and The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy. Weasel, we know you’re busy, but we desperately need a new Why Women Hate Men post. Chicas necessitas mas chuckles. Lastly, make sure to check out Imbibe, my new favorite mag out of Portland, OR which covers all liquid culture - coffee, beer, wine, spirits, etc. Kick ass design, minimal ads, and great articles. Meanwhile, I guess I'll have a cup of tea, tackle THE TABLE and take yet another bubble bath. Don't hate me.


  1. I wish you could always stay home. You sound very peaceful, but also productive.

    I was laid off 5 years ago. I bounced from project to project. My flower garden was beautiful, house cleaned, and I was always relaxed. I discovered during this time, I would make an excellent stay at home mom. You know... the one that bakes brownies for new move ins. Pathetic, I know.

  2. I think you should take up painting. Not the art, I'm talking about huffing. It's an inexpensive high but after a while it turns permanent. Not to mention YOU get to pick out what color you'll spray into the baggie and huff. It will probably leave flecks of paint around your mouth and nose, so make sure its complimentary to your complextion.

  3. Summer, it doesn't sound one bit pathetic, it sounds great. I wish you had been my mom. Sharon, I'd consider the hufing if I thought I could spare any brain cells, but alas, I must summon the few I have every friggin' morning just to get my feet to touch the damn floor! I can't even stand nail polish fumes. Remember, contrary to my icy facade, I am indeed a delicate flower. Enjoy the beautiful day ladies!